The ‘EriKa Baca’ body of work is a playful performative project based on the theory of identity – the idea that distinct qualities & characteristics of a person can be made-over, remodeled and refashioned into forming an alter-ego. 

EriKa is a blossoming character in the narrative, Art-life of Martin Peeves. 
She has a unique style and aesthetic which is very much inspired by her experience as an African (female) living in post millennium U.S. “She is a selfie muse…she’s a creative producer who engages in random mundane playful narcissist acts. She considers herself a postmodern thinker and is very much into social-dynamics and pop-culture.
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✨✨NEW CONTENT ADDED! ✨✨check, Video…Painting & Clothing pages ..✌️😎 (….below is a new work in progress…it’s hanging behind my bathroom door…so whenever I visit,I sit & reach & add a little detail…ongoing)


Walk the dawgs 

…plotting on my neighbors asking God for forgiveness …came back from work …my conscious wasn’t it….Nigga I’m a dog…..Grown Ups…#IDLSIDGO